ARREDO SRL is an established leader in the design and dressing of showrooms, interior finishes and coordinated exhibition systems. Born in 1973, Arredo is one of the few European – and the only Italian – full-cycle operators. This means that, to guarantee the customer, Arredo manages and controls the entire production cycle, from the project idea up to the inauguration of the point of sale, meticulously caring for every step, from beginning to end. In particular, enormous accuracy is spent to respect deadlines agreed with the customer for the realisation of the entire project.

ARREDO SRL directly takes care of wood processing and of metal and steel processing, as well. Furniture exhibitors are developed to display ceramic materials, wood and the most valuable equipment for architecture..

ARREDO SRL are specialists in the supply of:[checklist icon=”icon-ok” color=”#b61030″]

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[/column2][column3][pullquote align=”left”]DESIGN IS OUR STARTING POINT, CONTROL AND SECURITY ARE OUR PATH, A QUALITY PROJECT IS OUR FINAL PRODUCT[/pullquote]The vertical integration amongst professional skills, technological resources and specialized services enables Arredo to provide showrooms of unquestionable quality and great appeal.

Step by step, from the preliminary study to the inauguration of the showroom, Arredo takes the side of the client along the complex path of progress and definition of their exhibition and sales strategies. This is to ensure the thorough quality of their production, whether it is a showroom or a coordinated exhibition program for a manufacturer.[/column3][column32 last=yes]
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[accordion title=”DESIGN”]Staffs of experienced and well-trained designers work in close synergy with the technical department and with the marketing and communication professionals. Together, they develop coordinated exhibition facilities and systems for structural furniture products using the most valuable materials for architecture. This results in productions that are always up to the changing needs of the market, always tailored to customer requirements, be it a manufacturer or a trader, outdoing standardization. The strength of Arredo’s staff is based on a continuous design research to be applied to materials that are more and more innovative, using a particular craft technique to enhance every single created item.

Architect | Daniela Ternelli
Interior designer | Ido Corradini
Light designer | Giuliano Guicciardi [/accordion]
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All of the processing and production stages inherent the exhibition systems by Arrredo, whether they are a coordinated program of furniture exhibitors for industry or several series of structures tailored on the single showroom, occur within the production site of Castellarano (RE). Here, a precious tradition of carpentry and craft care for the detail meets the last-generation processing systems, avant-garde technologies, materials and technology components of the highest quality. Arredo directly takes care of the wood processing as well as metal and steel processing. For this reason, every piece of furniture exhibitor and each exhibition facility made by Arredo combine the aesthetic appeal and exclusiveness of design to unique functionality and durability assets. [/accordion]
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Arredo directly takes care of every step in the staging of the showroom by a staff of 30 installers, applicators and technicians. Besides the attention paid to every step in the production cycle, Arredo won enormous value for respecting provided deadlines. In particular, Arredo strictly respects intermediate deadlines related to the stages of the production cycle. Wherever the customer, Arredo acts as an operative partner since the opening of the construction site. Not only Arredo attends the assembly and installation of furniture, display systems and selected products, but also the realization of the masonry, the study and installation of the hydraulic systems, electrical and lighting, the finishing of the surfaces and any other architectural and technical detail of the exhibition space. [/accordion]
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Arredo collaborates with companies that work daily to ensure the success of the activities of their customers, through the most effective integrated media [/accordion]


Their history, the works they previously realised, their professionalism acknowledged by the market, speaks for themselves: Arredo is the right partner for those who aim to the highest exhibition standards.

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