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The design of electrical equipment in a showroom is often underestimated and normatively failed. The lighting system, in particular, is in fact the heart of the system: besides providing a visual comfort, light enhances the expressive features of the products on display, alluring the public’s attention. Thanks to the cooperation with Light Design studio by Giuliano Gucciardi, Arredo qualifies to offer their customers cutting-edge products and lighting technologies, high performance, low maintenance costs and compliance with the requirements of the inspection bodies.

[/column2]Arredo has exclusive lighting integrated technologies as well as technologies for the production of electricity from renewable sources (photovoltaic and small wind turbines) which, combined with energy-efficient led lighting fixtures (that, with an equal luminous yield will absorb up to 1/10 of the power required by traditional appliances), can further reduce power consumption. This will also grant the access to incentives and/or financing provided by Italian regulations in force.

Arredo provides the project for electrical equipment (including heating, air conditioning and air treatment, security and supplementary systems) and assists the client from the beginning of works up to the final testing. The technical manager carries this out, as specified by the following steps:

  • inspection for data acquisition related to design and verification of compatibility with any existing system;
  • drafting of final project design;
  • start of works with installation contractors;
  • work management: telephone support and controls during construction;
  • verification and final testing including release of minutes of regularity.

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