7 March 2013 | Productions | Showrooms

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This is a great deal of satisfaction involving the top of the range by Porcelaingres Germany. Arredo recently contributed to the design and construction of this futuristic showroom. We are in Berlin, in the heart of Kreuzberg. Inside the Sarottihöfe complex, a former industrial building designed in the typical Berlin-style is a lively and imaginative combination of studios, laboratories, agencies and offices. This gathers an exhibition and working space altogether, large in size, which makes the meeting place for sellers, designers and customers. The new exhibition systems are extremely innovative, designed and implemented by Arredo starting from an idea of Porcelaingres’ design department. They praise large facilities equipped with mechanized behaviour that can be wireless controlled by an iPad. The project is likely to evolve in the future with a sharp shift towards virtual tours and media devices that will control automatic movements, lighting, projections and 3D simulations of realistic interactive pictures with the possibility of applying a specific product on various surfaces. A truly futuristic scenario in the world of ceramics that is deemed to become true in a short time.